Google Project: HTML/CSS Feedback!


Hello! First time poster here and a new student of web development. I’ve recently completed the first project in replicating the Google homepage from scratch. As an eager learner I would very much appreciate any feedback, but especially on any improvements or suggestions to the way I “code” html and or css. I know at this stage it might too early for any warranted constructive feedback. But I always welcome feedback anyways if it means, for instance, that I will avoid developing bad habits in the future.

Click here for the webpage.

Click here for the project repo.

Thank you in advance!


It looks really good, @cognis006 :+1:

I like how, in your file, you not only explain what you’ve learned but also what tools you’ve used to work on the project.

Good job :rocket:


Thanks! @MikeMitchell

Just completed the optional version as well. Getting the layout as exactly the way I wanted felt a little meticulous and time-consuming. But hopefully I will get the hang of it soon and sharpen my workflow.