Google Homepage - Search Results - Feedback


I just finished the easy version of the HTML / CSS homepage task and would love any quick pointers folks have – know this is a basic task and that my CSS is a mess, but thought it’d be worth putting this out there now versus tweaking it endlessly on my own.

For those who have been through this part already, is it worth also trying to do the hard version (search results), or better to continue moving on through to Javascript?

Thanks in advance!



Hey @joshgunter

That’s not bad at all in terms of visuals. The idea of the project is just to get you thinking about layout. You’ve done a good enough job to move on where you’ll learn the skills you need to make it even better.


@joshgunter Hey Josh, Great job completing the project! Some constructive criticism for you though: In my browser on chrome the two buttons below the google search, “I am feeling lucky” and “Google Search” are stacked on top of each other when I think you meant to have them inline with one another?

As for moving on, I would highly encourage you to reinforce your html/css skills with the difficult version to

  1. Give yourself a challenge
  2. As mentioned, reinforce your skills that you developed by building the “Easy” version
  3. Repetition is the key to programming, the more you repeat tasks the better, so by doing another exercise you will hit points 1 and 2 and feed right into 3.

Hope this helps, happy coding :slight_smile:


Thank you!


I will take a look at that issue, thank you! Appreciate the feedback.