Google Homepage Project


Just about to complete my first project on Odin.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

(Please forgive the garish google logo!)


Direct link to project

Thank you

Hey kevinkw21,

looks quite good to me. =)

What is also a good practice to implement: css reset code. I normally create an extra reset.css with the reset code. Because the browsers always give the elements some basic styling, what sometimes leads to unwanted results.

Another thing you can add: when the width of your google-page gets smaller the style is still ok, but not optimized. So you could play here with media queries to give e.g. different styles depending on the width of the viewport.

Happy coding!

Hi David

I’ll take your advice and implement the reset.css and mediaqueries in my lesson tomorrow.

Starting again on Javascript today. Went on a different course on udemy of html/css/javascript a few months back but gave in when javascript seemed too confusing.
Odin has been much better for following a plan.