Google homepage project


I just started the google homepage project. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t even get past the first navigation bar. I completed the html/css tutorials, and I knew I wouldn’t remember all of it, but it’s crazy how lost I am. I’ve inspected some solutions and it’s just confusing me more. I really just want the simplest way to make it look appropriate, considering I’m just beginning. It seems like there are a million ways to get the right look using CSS, and some commands I don’t even recognize in some of the solutions.

Any help on how to tackle this step by step would be amazing.


Don’t Worry, i feel you i bet everyone has gone through it, and so the best way to overcome this without stressing out your nuts is to get the end task completed(in this case it is the google homepage)so try and get the task completed in your way if not others so then you get used to the grind and taste of this building and achieving milestones as ones said and still believed “We do learn in different form but the self taught lessons from practices are universal attorney therefore practice doesn’t make oneself perfect but rather builds the core strength to achieve the act of constant perfection”.