Google Homepage Project-problem with top link positioning

i have just started the project for the Google homepage and i am struggling with positioning the top link of the page. Surely it’s my still little knowledge of html/css but i searched here and over internet to find a solution i couldn’t find.
I tried with hundreds of padding, margins ecc. but nothing seems to work?
What do you think it would be?

Here is the project page

Here is the code

Sorry if it’s a stupid question.

I don’t think the left padding is the best way to go.
Did you look into float: right?

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Personally, I would use flexbox, but you could also look into css grid. The “html and css basic” lesson had some good links in the additional resource area.

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Thank you guys, i’ll check back to those resources and try the flexbox!
Thank you!

I used flexbox. It worked out great. I still get align items and align content confused though :slight_smile: