Google Homepage Project | need feedback + advices :)

Hello Guys! I have just finished my Google Homepage project for practicing HTML/CSS and here it is: I struggled with adding the microphone and the apps icon so I decided to leave it out. I know it is not perfect, even switching from my working space (xubuntu) to windows I noticed a lot of differences in the layout and sizing (or maybe that’s just me…) I’d love to get some opinions on this from you guys!
If you could also check my code: and give some feedback on it, that would be awesome too :innocent:

During the creating process I googled and used dev tools on the Google’s page to inspect how I can I achieve certain things when I didn’t know how to do it on my own. I need some advice regarding that, where is the healthy line in googling and inspecting? Can I do it a lot or should I limit myself to learn more? :thinking:

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Looks good to me. Don’t worry too much at this stage, you’ve got it looking good. Just move on.

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Looks awesome, and your code is neat enough that even a newbie like me could understand.

Whenever you’re stuck on something, googling and seeing other’s work is definitely something you should do and I’ve seen even experts and veterans google things that they don’t understand or unsure of.

As long as you don’t take someone else’s code and claim it as your own, you’re good to go.

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Thanks for the positive feedback guys! Now I can move on to the JavaScript introduction :stuck_out_tongue:

Your project looks really good! Good work.

Wow, much better than mine which is still in progress.

Looking at yours I think I’m overthinking things. Trying to use grid and flexbox which I still don’t fully understand.

Maybe I need to go back to basics.

I used yours as a model, thank you.