Google-homepage clone [moderate] reviews welcome


Hi there,

I hope you didn’t get tired of (re-)viewing google homepage clones already. I’ve worked on this for a few hours and I think it looks pretty good :slightly_smiling_face:
While I already know quite a few tricks around borders and shadows I still struggle with positioning and understanding the flow. But I guess this is normal as a beginner. The code is definitely not very well structured yet and too complicated at times but I’m sure you can look past that.

Here’s the link:

Thanks and have a good one!


This looks really nice, the only thing i would add is the ability to type in the form but other than that it looks great! Keep up the good work!


Thank you for the feedback! In the meantime I created a basic form. After all, that was what the assignment contained :slight_smile:


You could make two buttons “Google search” and “I’m feeling lucky” instead of plain text in a box. But that doesn’t really matter, since you won’t be using them anway. Just keep advancing on the curriculum :slight_smile: