Google Homepage Advice! 😩


Hey everybody!

I just finished the Google Homepage project and think it looks okay, but I’m certain that some of my code is… questionable :joy:

Okay, I don’t think it’s necessarily that bad but I know it’s not the most efficient it could be.

If anybody who is maybe a little bit farther along could take a look and maybe give some advice as to how I could improve certain parts, I would be eternally grateful :grin:

and also the actual “site” -

Thanks in advance!



Honestly. Don’t sweat it. The project is meant to be an eye opening challenge about what lies ahead. If it looks ok then move on.


Fair enough :man_shrugging:


I would definitely ensure that my commits seem professional. That’s all I would change. :}

This is going on your public Github so you want to appear as professional as you can if you’re taking it seriously.
That’s what I’m trying to do, going through the beginning so far!


Oh yeah, good catch! I totally forgot about that part haha

I’m definitely going to be trying to get a job later on down the line so thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:


I second CouchofTomato

I checked out the page and my gut reaction was: “Hey! Looks good!”

But I’ll point something out about the learning part: If there’s something you feel you don’t understand or would like to know better…LATCH ONTO THAT FEELING! It’s like your real-life spidey sense giving you an opportunity to:

  1. build your chops
  2. learn how to learn
  3. practice with the new “tools” you’re taking the initiative to pickup

I know for me, I’ve recently begun taking endless markdown notes while doing the TicTacToe project. Almost like journaling. for a long time I was hesitant against the idea of not writing things out long hand; but I’ve warmed to this idea of taking notes electronically. Because now I’ve learned Markdown while also learning Rspec, and a lot of other things I wasn’t expecting to learn.

Best of all, I’ve begun feeling this sense of “flow” with some more regularity.

Just my two-cents.

But great job on the Google project so far! Keep going!


Thanks for the insight, Marchy!

That’s really good advice. This is all brand new to me so I really appreciate your perspective and tips on how to manage all of this new information.

I’ve started to dive into the next part - Javascript! TOP has been amazing so far and has been the first place where I’ve actually started to gain some traction and have some follow-through.

Thanks again for the response :slight_smile:


No problem!

Javascript’s much different than HTML/CSS.

If there’s anything you don’t get, or if you get stuck, or just want to hash it out, let me know.

I’m a firm believer that the way for me to really learn something is to teach it; And sometimes hearing it from someone else is helpful too.

I’m available through Discord, Zoom, GoogleHangouts… all those things; So feel free to drop me a line.

Code on!