Google Clone Homepage [Easy] honest review :)


Hi guys I have just finished the 1st challenge regarding the creation of a clone of Google Homepage.
I would care to hear your review :slight_smile:

Check it out here:

P.S. I think I am more than ok regarding basic Css and HTML now even if it basically means modifying existing code from stackoverflow :smiley:


Publish it to github pages and share the link so we can get a better look at it. Go to your repository and click on the settings tab. Scroll down to github pages and click publish. Then share your link here with us.


I know I can simply look at your code but I figure publishing your work on github pages allows us to use dev tools to inspect, and you will also have a link to add to showcase your work.


Yes you are absolutely right :slight_smile:

Here we go (the only problem is the button on the middle but I got a little bit bored, I dont think it needs to be that perfect haha :wink: ) :


Great brother,

It is almost google home page. I think you are in the process of giving finishing touches by adding one or two icons top right.

You may move the β€˜Google’ pic a little more down.

Continue your journey. All the best


I agree, just tweek your css a little, add those icons and your good. Well done.