GitIgnore rules on Tower's Learn Version Control with Git (WD101/Git-Basics). Please help me understand

I have created a file called gitignore within some-sample-projects folder that you are asked to create before the lesson Web Development 101/Git Basics/Tower’s Learn Version Control with Git.


I am at the “If there are other files you want to ignore…” and now going on 24 hours, have no idea how to read these, or what to do with them.

I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing at this point. How do I write out what to ignore? I seem to think that I am not typing out path/to/file.ext or filename.ext.

What should I be typing here? Or “ignoring”? I even skipped ahead, so I may have screwed myself. But I cannot help but think of this part and feel that I am setting myself up for failure or just wonder if I am missing a huge step. Would anyone be able to help me understand this part? I’ve done some reading on other sources in google, but am still not grasping this concept of what I should be entering into the terminal. Thank you so much TOP!

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Hey man, I was there a little while ago… essentially with a Mac you will create DS files with every new project. You will want to create an ignore file to take care of it.
As far as the other files,… at this point not important. You could even leave the ignore file out for the DS and completely bypass it. You will have the ability to choose what gets saved/ pushed/ committed when the time comes. Don’t get to hung up on the ignore file. Have fun !

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Thank you so much! That means a lot. So I am not on a mac. I am using Xubuntu on a virtualmachine on a windows host… if that matters. I just decided to take the night off, eat a caesar salad, take a bath and read. I will come back hard tomorrow and get back to learning
Thank you again Odysseusss. :relieved:

Thanks for the explanation! I am stuck on this too.

Did you ever get this figured out?

I’m at the same part and am not sure what to do… In the video we watch at the beginning of the lesson, after adding a .gitignore file, he opens up a separate text editor and adds in the .DC file, *.pyc, and .project to a file labeled gitignore. He says he saves it, then goes back to the original terminal and does another git status command and the files he listed have been replaced with gitignore.

This is where I’m stuck, it never mentions having a text editor separate from the main terminal. Is there a way to save my example.txt or example.html under that gitignore folder without having to open a separate editor?