Git-ftp setup using FTP in replace of Heroku


So I have The virtual box running on a Windows 10 maching and Ubuntu running on the VB
I have followed all the steps and have successfully gotten it all to work with ruby and set up my first app and deployed to Heroku.
I am trying to jump to the side a bit and deploy to my own ftp server using git-ftp

He is what I did to set up

git config git-ftp.URL
git config git-ftp.user
git config git-ftp.password somecrazypassword

no errors occurred on any of that.

then I did

git ftp init

the computer sat for a very long time
and then tossed up the error

fatal: Can't access remote '***' , exiting....

I am wondering if it has to do with the @ in the username … this is required on my ftp hosting site so I cannot change that… I tried putting the user name in single quotes and that had similar results.

If the SYSOPS can take a look at this and come up with a module for FTP deploy that would be great… else I am kinda stuck here


Is there a specific reason you’re wanting to use FTP? FTP is known to be rather insecure because you’re passing your credentials in clear-text over the internet


Perhaps there is a better way. I have access to my own web server and use cPanel to access it…is there another way to deploy to the site without FTP