Git basics


I have absolutely no idea what to do here:

"Now, let’s get going: Create an empty file in your favorite editor and save it as “.gitignore” in your project’s root folder. If you’re on a Mac, e.g., you’ll want to make sure it contains at least the following line:


some one please explain this to me. i am totally clueless. do i create a file that’s .gitignore in the root folder? i have a mac. where does .DS_Store come in?Do i put that as a first line of code. i’ve been staring at this for like an hour trying to find any help on google and i’m just getting some convoluted answers and nothing that helps to make any progress


Assuming you’ve done a git init in the folder you are working in, which is being referred to here as your “root” folder (not the root directory of your system), create a file called .gitignore. In my case, using Linux, I’d type touch .gitignore , but create a file however you do on MaxOS. Open that newly created, empty file and type in DS_Store. Save it and you’re done with that step. The reason that little bit of text is needed is explained here - Wikipedia