Git Basics Project: Section add another file Question 1



I’m having trouble creating the hello world txt file in the command line. What am I doing wrong?


Hi @brittanytamra

You can’t just type the name of the file to create it. You can use code hello_world.txt to create and open one in VS code I think or you can use touch hello_world.txt to create it in the terminal.


ok thank you, it worked I’m just not getting the file to be green, if you see in my screen shot question 6. when I added git add hello world, that worked but the modified file that is suppossed to be green is not showing up.


Did you make any changes to the README?


No, it is in my github though so maybe it did work


It’s hard to tell. Just carry on and if you come across any more problems let us know.


ok thank you yeah there is two Read.Me files and the hello world file.


Oh, it seems you’ve added two. That’s weird. You could just delete one of them I guess.