Girl Coder - Newbie! - Accountability Partners?

Hi everyone! I am Rachel from Florida. I have a Bachelor in business, but was always a math girl. I recently read up on programming, and have begun studying CSS/HTML, as well as beginning on The Odin Project. I am self-employed and work from home, so I have a lot of time and flexibility. I am super excited to keep learning. I think I will begin with Java, as I did take a Java Programming class in college, albeit 10 years ago now. I can’t remember a darn thing, but I knew I enjoyed it, and got one of the highest overall grades. I’ve considered taking a C++ course at a community college this fall.

I’d love to follow along with other newbies with NO programming background, as I really am learning this from ground zero.


I have just started myself too. I intend to do a 100-day challenge, and I could use an accountability partner.

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Hi Sarah,
same here! Bachelor of Business Administration and basics of HTML/CSS!

I’m currently studying JavaScript as I’m a furloughed worker and have LOADS of time in my hands… But it’s quite a tough nut!

I’m happy to follow your journey from a complete beginner to an expert, whenever that might be :smiley:

Hi Rachel! Caleb from Rhode Island and I’m starting ground floor just like you. I’m probably trying to go html, css, and javascript…I hear front end web dev is in higher demand then back end

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Welcome, glad to have you with us.

Luckily, JS is used for both the front- and back-end :star_struck:

Hi! Anna from Germany, but lived 4 years in the USA.
AppAcademy Open dropout, got frustrated when I started Ruby, the level ramped up too fast.
I hope TOP is more consistent in level. I am not afraid of challenges but I cannot run a marathon after training for a 5k!

Hi Rachel!

Janea from Georgia! I have a BS in Psychology. I’ve been playing around with coding via udemy and youtube for a few weeks. I want to make a career change so here I am!

If anyone is available still to be my partner, please let me know! I’m Tai! Got my BS in Biology.


Ahh! Brit here living in USA!

Also open to being accountability friend to all! Just signed up for Github and joined here, have my VirtualBox set up and ready to go! :slight_smile:

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Hello eveyone,Shreyasi from India.I am first year computer science student.I just started with theodinproject recently.I have some experience with html css from freecodecamp .But not much though.I would love to follow up journey if anyone is available as accountability partner.

So… how far are we? I am at the Git section in WebDev 101. Still doubting if I should follow the Ruby path or the JS part.
Which one did you guys choose?

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@annagiuliam I chose the javascript path. It is very popular language for web development and most sites use it.

Yes I was leaning towards that one too. But with the Ruby you also learn JavaScript so dunno!

How is FreeCodeCamp?

Freecodecamp is good . But it has everything built-in.It does not give the feel of learning from scratch(e.g working with IDE)

Hi, I am also new to coding, I have a BA in Community and human services and worked as an ABA therapist for children on the Autism Spectrum. I really enjoyed what I was doing but in the end decided I wanted to be able to freelance and I really enjoyed coding or at least the idea of coding. I am starting down the path of web development and would enjoy sharing our journeys and be accountable to one another during our learning.

Hi Everyone!
I am another coding newbie from Massachusetts looking for a career change! I have my BS in Environmental Science and currently work from home so I have a more flexible schedule than most. I have been trying to get into coding for a couple of months now but life has been getting in the way. Now that things have settled a bit, I’m looking forward to really getting down to business and I’d love to have someone to help keep me accountable. Really excited to start this new journey!

Same here! I live in MA, and have been trying to learn coding on my own for about a month now, still very much a novice. Thinking of making a career pivot, as current events have pinned my industry down (entertainment). The hardest thing so far has been finding the motivation to keep going, so an accountability buddy/group would be great!

Would love to be part of an accountability group! I’m Asha, 19 years old, always been interested in coding for fun but want to take it more seriously as there are always so many creative projects I would like to make but don’t know how and I realize it can be a really handy skill no matter what I want to go into.

I would love to join an accountability group as well. I am 28 from California. I am about to start residency for medicine in a month or so and wanted to learn as much as I can before my hours get more limited.

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I’m trying to find a community that pushes me to consistently learn! I’m Patrick, 18, just finished my first year in college as a CS major and I’ve worked with Java since my senior year of high school. I’ve only recently wanted to take the next step and devote serious time to programming outside of school. I understand that having a community helps to stay on track so let me know if there are any available groups!