Getting Virtual Machine to work


Hey guys! I am new to the Odin Project, and even more fresh when it comes to programming in general. My knowledge is extremely limited at the moment due to these factors. I am running on Windows 7 (old I know, unable to upgrade at the moment). The tower says “Optiplex 960”. Looks kinda old. It’s a Dell.

I am trying to get the Virtual Machine set up, but I keep running into the same problem; it won’t run on 64 bit even though the host is 64. I have tried going to the setup menu during a reboot and turning on the virtualization features; which I am unsure if I even did right. I’m not sure if the menu I have been using is the Bios menu that I keep reading about. I have also read that you need to disable Hyper V under the Windows features, but there is no Hyper V in my Windows features. I know I can dual boot, but I do not trust my amateur knowledge to not mess something up.

Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated! Thank you for your time.


hi @Tony-The-Bologna
try this


Thank you for your response! I will get on that today.