Future of the Ruby on Rails tutorial by Michael Hartl


Hello, I just got an email from Michael Hartl about the RoR no longer being free. Was curious as to the future of using this as one of the main ways to learn Rails in the Rails education section.

Obviously scholarships are still available here:

Was just curious as I’d finished it and thought it was a fantastic tutorial and am sad to see that it won’t be completely free going forward.


Thanks for letting us know @ParamagicDev

We’ll discuss the best way forward on this.


I’ve just hit the end of the free sample (at page 100, partway through chapter 2), so am also curious about what future plans are. I’ll probably buy the Hartl ebook as I’ve enjoyed what I’ve done so far, but I’m finding the LearnEnough site rather confusing at the moment (it took me a long time to find a link for the sample chapter) so I’m not entirely sure what will be enough for the tutorial.

I could probably finish from here by looking at other students’ projects to be honest.

I’m applying for Rails roles at the moment so the Odin site has been a massive help for guiding me through where to start with learning Rails. Thank you!