Function use and logic question for Rock Paper Scissors DOM version

Hi there, I’m a little puzzled with the results I’m getting after changing the RPS project to utilize the DOM. The logic of the switch and if statements in the first version I put together worked just fine, and I think that I have a good grasp of using the DOM and made the appropriate adjustments for this project.

But I think there is something wrong with the way I am calling the main ‘playRound’ function, because every time I click one of the buttons on the page, the result is the same for each (for rock, I always tie with the computer, for paper, always win, for scissors, always loose).

Any guidance/review is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Hey @jolisabeth

I’m not sure if you solved this already but have a look at your playRound if statements such as if (computerSelection = 'rock'){

As a hint. = is assignment and == is comparison.

Thank you! I thought it was some small adjustment that I just wasn’t seeing. Thanks so much.