Forgot to 'cd odin_on_rails' under Step 2.2. for 'Your First Rails App' - How to fix?


I’m already at Step 3.1 - Initializing GIT and verified my directory however it came out as /Users/roland/my_first_rails_app rather than /Users/roland/odin_on_rails/my_first_rails_app.

Tracing my steps, I forgot to enter command cd_odin_on_rails, I’m wondering whether missing this puts me in a bad light and what should I do to fix?

I tried going through again just to see if I can move it myself but I’m not confident what to do next, a bit confused with all that’s happening actually.

I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks!


As long as you are in the rails application folder (in this case, …/my_first_rails_app) when you are operating on it, (running the rails server, running ‘bundle install’, creating git commits, etc.), then ‘no’, it should not matter.

The ‘odin_on_rails’ parent directory is just a suggested organization of your work, and not in any way vital to the functionality of the projects you do. You could put your app(s) wherever you like. For example, I tend to put mine in a parent folder called ‘repos’ (= repositories).

You just need to become a little more comfortable with creating / changing (moving your command prompt into) directories, and it’s a typical beginner’s mistake to forget to cd into a directory after creating it.

It is also perfectly OK to just delete the whole ‘my_first_rails_app’ folder (and the related remote repository on GitHub, if you created one), then reorganize your directories however you wish, and start again (from the rails new my_first_rails_app command).