First Rails App - Deployment issues (Solved)


Hey, so I’m on the build your first rails app and I’ve gotten Heroku to output in the build logs that I “successfully deployed” it, but then when I ran it, I got the page saying that something went wrong. I looked around online and I found some stuff saying that I needed to add a Procfile even if it was just empty. I did that, and I’m not getting the issue with the Procfile now, but I’m still having issues. If anyone could help out with that, it would be much appreciated!


I got it! I wasn’t able to use Git Bash since the Heroku CLI would hang up so I tried to do it all on the heroku website through GitHub, but that got me to the point of where I could deploy it successfully but then go nowhere after that. I ended up using Git CMD to be able to follow the instructions as it is in the assignment and then it works.