Finishing Web Dev 101, Partner on Pomodoro anyone?


Hey crew,

I’m finishing up the beast-of-a-course Web Dev 101. Looking to collaborate with someone to tackle the final Pomodoro project together.

If you’re still working on Web Dev 101, I’d also be happy to collaborate on one of the earlier projects. It’d benefit both of us by giving you a chance to talk through the problems aloud (I’m a good listener) and give me a good chance to reinforce the basic.

Holler at me!

Timezone: California Pacific Standard
Availability: Pretty flexible as I’m doing this full time from San Francisco


Hi! My name is Karen :slight_smile: Are you still looking for someone to work in the pair programming project? I’ve just reached that part and want to do it. My timezone is UTC-3 (4 hours difference with yours from what I searched), so, if you’d like, we could team up maybe?


@JR-Karen9 thanks for reaching out. I collaborated with another person and am now on the ruby course. Stay in touch, I hang out on the gitter chatrooms, and maybe we can pair on another project down the road since you’re moving at the same pace.

Congrats on reaching the end of WebDev101!


@hoangtommy Ohhh well, I tried hahaha I’ll start using gitter now, try to get more involved. And yes, if there’s a chance, we could totally do a project together.

And thank you! Congrats to you too.