Finally finished PROJECT: HTML/CSS


It took me way longer than I thought it would.

I started with the google homepage which was relatively easy, but then I decided to do the google search results page as well and that took a while. I had to re-learn a lot of stuff I thought I had already learned from the lessons. You don’t truly learn anything until you actually put it on practice!

I would really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:


I was not able to make this in the past

It looks pretty good and clearly ALOT of effort was put,:smiley:
congrats you had the guts to actually do the advanced :open_mouth:.

here some advice if you are a perfectionist (if not then your site is goood)

Feedback time!!!
1.the footer is floating since it had a bottom margin
2.make the search bar rounded corners by border-radius property
3.add text in the the search bar (value attribute) can take EXACT colors and size measurements from the developer tools

It looks that you are talented :wink: and looks like you are a hard worker too
wish thee the best :grin: