Etch a Sketch - a web toy

Yo! I’m happy to share with you my Etch a Sketch web toy :blush:
Repository -->
Live preview -->
I’m open for any opinions :upside_down_face:


Great work @mooniiDev

Thank you!

Hi, great job!
Just some observations from a noob artist on UI/UX
Buttons highlight make it a bit more dificult when they are higlighted by default s when the selected option is the only highlighted.
If the grid could be on a lighter gray to get on the background, will let the picture done more prevalence.
I miss to be able to decide when to start and when to stop painting, and also that if color is random, it regenerate random each time I paint on the same box, to be able to search for a darker or lighter one.

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Thanks a lot for your insights! I agree that grid gaps color could be lighter, but somehow I liked that it is transparent and has background gradient. ^^ Random colors could generate each time on hover for sure… And I also would want to decide when to start and when to stop paint, but requirement was to paint on hover. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I saw it later after commenting on it.
Are those code challenges still going on?

Yeah, it’s from the Odin curriculum and many more awaits. :slight_smile:

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wow!!! nice!!
This sends me back to my track!