ERb file displaying as HTML file in the browser

I’m getting back into rails after a hiatus, and ERB is not rendering as expected. I opened a view from a brand-new project, and one from an old project in both chrome and firefox. Same problem in all four permutations.

Here’s index.html.erb

*<h1 class ="title"> BLOG INDEX </h1>*
  • *
  •   <div class="container">*
  •   	<% @posts.each do |post| %>*
  •   		<div class="card">*
  •   	    	<div class="card-content">*
  •   	    		<div class="media">*
  •   	      			<div class="media-content">*
  •   	        			<p class="title is-4"><%= post.title %></p>*
  •   	      			</div>*
  •   	    		</div>*
  •   	    <div class="content">*
  •   	     	<%= post.content %>*
  •   	    </div>*
  •   	  </div>*
  •   	</div>*
  •   	<% end %>*
  •   </div>*
  • *

but its displaying as HTML

Is your code on github?

nope why

It’s just hard to read your code with the way you have entered it