Engineer with a bit of back-end experience, now decided to conquer Front-end. Anyone ? :)


I have been working as a developer in an agency offering IT services to the government for a year now.
My main projects where mostly console applications running as scheduled tasks. They helped me to learn a lot and become familiar with the overall architecture implemented in the agency.

Recently I was thinking of my future in this field and came to the conclusion that front-end development should be the next thing for me if I were to continue to evolve my skills in software and be able to venture further projects.

Anyone with the interest to team up?

Happy coding!



I was in a similar situation with you. Currently I am almost finishing the Web 101 (currently at last JavaScript exercises section i.e. conquer the basics of JS foundementals part 5(Js is the language mostly used in front end development).
I have to say that what you are starting is a remarkable journey! It is difficult but it is worth it.
This site has recently updated its JS curriculum and I have to say they have done a great work! You shall leanrn a lot!


thanks a million Alexander for your supporting words :slight_smile: I will definitely look into the JS module you mentioned.
It seems that this course/framework earned a lot of respect from a lot of people. I will try my best to stick to it this time and see where it takes me.

I will probably take the front-end courses from this website since at my work I use .Net for developing software etc. and this website do not touch on .Net. I plan to learn MVC in the future but first I must become familiar with the building block of front end. Probably after, I will do a bootstrap course as I think it is still needed in today’s world for a responsive application.

Anyway, I would be really happy if you want to try pair programming later on…

goodluck with you venture! do you have twitter ?



Hi mate I am really happy for you as I way in your place before (not so long) so I feel you!
As for the JS module yes it is worth it. As for bootstrap I think it is still used if not for businesses sites for a lot of projects as it still provides an excellent option for adjusting your web app to all available screens!

.net? That’s an interesting technology , cheers mate, your job sounds pretty cool .
(Andvance JS course later on has a section dedicated to bootstrap: Responsive Design and CSS Frameworks )

As for pair programming, check your pm :slight_smile: