Dual-booting Ubuntu 18.04 on Surface Pro 2017 (Windows 10)


This is my first time installing Ubuntu, and I wanted to go with the dual-boot option.
However, I’ve been running into some problems.

To begin with, I successfully mounted Ubuntu 18.04 onto an 8-GB flash drive, which I was able to boot into on my Surface, and run Ubuntu directly on it.

In the installer, however, it does not detect my current OS, and only gives me the options of wiping my hard drive or “Something else…”

I have partitioned my current hard drive, and created 100 GB of unallocated space (out of a total of 1 TB), which should be more than enough according to the tutorials I’ve read. However, these partitions are not detected when I select “Something else…” in the installer.

None of the tutorials online I have seen are helpful. I have asked for help on the Ask Ubuntu forums on Stack Exchange, but as I am not an experienced user my question has received very little attention.

I would be very grateful for some troubleshooting tips, thank you!



If you haven’t checked it out yet, you might find some assistance on our Discord server!


Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ll check it out!


Did you disable secure boot?