Dual boot installaition

Hi i am new here and while installing dual boot unbuntu I was ffacing some issues. I have disabled the secure boot option but when i boot from the usb cd/dvd i dont get any option regarding the installation of unbuntu. ive already created an universal usb, I am just stuck at the installation. I have tried booting from cd/dvd but it doesnt work and later when i try it again theres no option for bootig through usb. please help. sorry for my bad english. thanks in advance

You’ll need to access your bios and change your boot priority to USB, not cd/dvd. Also, the usb could be labeled by another means like G:/… depends on the hardware you’re using.

If you just have the stick in a usb drive Linux is just going to boot and operate off of the usb and not install. However, depending on what distro you’re using (like Ubuntu 20.04) you should be given an option to install on the desktop once you’ve booted from the usb.