DOM Manipulation: Unable to get Border Color & Background Color

Hello! The following code uses DOM. I can get the texts to show up. However, the border color and background color of the child div is not showing up. I followed the format that was listed in the DOM Manipulation module under JavaScript Basics part.

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Page Title</title>
  <meta charset="UTF-8"/>
  <div id = "container"></div>

const container = document.querySelector('#container');

const content = document.createElement('div');


content.textContent = 'This is the glorious text-content!';

const content2 = document.createElement('div');

content2.setAttribute('style', 'borderColor:black; backgroundColor:pink');

const heading1 = document.createElement('h1');

heading1.textContent = "I'm in a div";

const para2 = document.createElement("p");

para2.textContent = "ME TOO!";





Hi krle11,

You should be using CSS syntax, so border-color and background-color. This is opposed to if you were doing it this way: pink

You are also just setting the color of the border, not the style or width. I believe you need all three. You could do each separately or just write

'border: black 1px solid; background-color: pink'

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Sure! Sorry for the late reply!

I am still stuck on it. Did you figure it out?

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