Does anyone else here think that MDN web docs examples suck for beginners?


Hello fellow coders ! I just wanted to hear your opinion , about MDN web docs.

I know that The Odin Project , links a lot of beginner guides to MDN web docs , but it seems that in the end , I will always go to or W3Schools in order to understand some concepts , that MDN makes it REALLY HARD to comprehend , for a beginner.

It’s like they have zero empathy for beginners and somehow they are considered the best learning resource. In my view , it seems that they over-complicate examples for no apparent reason at all , like they want to show off or something.

I appreciate the fact that they’ve spend so much time to make this huge “library of guides” and I appreciate it even more , for making this plethora of information free for the public .
But I will always prefer or W3Schools as a beginner because they seem to be always on point and clear to their examples.

I am curious to hear what you guys think !


Hi @AlexKRS

We link MDN because we can be sure they will get updated as the language gets updates but you should use whatever resources work for you to learn.


I like MDN but I can see where you’re coming from. Most of the reference materials are exhaustive. I think a lot of advanced web dev people cite/recommend them because it’s still a resource they turn to a lot themselves, and that’s the thing – it’s written with not just beginners in mind.