Does anyone add student solutions the "proper" way, or does everyone do it the "easy" way?

Hi, I just finished another project and contributed a student solution the “Easy” way. I tried doing it the “Proper” way but got scared off at the point of merging remote and origin and “You’ll need to manually edit those files one-by-one (including removing the merge marker text) and then resave them.” There seemed to be a lot of files that needed to be edited. Does anyone actually do it the “Proper” way, and how do you do it?

I’m afraid if I edited one by one, the repo would change again!

I did it the proper way.

When it says “You’ll need to manually edit …”, they’re talking about when you’re doing collab work with other people and when those files have conflicts. In this case (where you’re simply adding a link to [PROJECT].md), you don’t need to worry about that.

ahhh, I will try it the proper way next time then! thanks.

Yes, don’t be afraid to try the ‘Proper Way’ because it’s not that hard and it’s quite efficient to be able to do everything from the terminal :wink:

I had a chance to try “the proper way” again, but I’ve hit some hurdles. Do you guys have a minute to tell me where I went wrong?