Creating ruby directory "Bundle Complete" I got this instead


Installing ruby has gone great so far, but I stumbled upon this notice when entering “rails new my_first_rails_app”

This is what I got and before I continue, I wanted to know if this is acceptable or if there is something else I need to do.



You’re safe to continue; this shouldn’t cause any issues. I received the same messages - someone asked about them in the chat yesterday and the more experienced devs confirmed it was not a problem and is just a warning that those tools won’t be supported in the next version of Rails.


Super! Thank you kindly. I really didn’t wanna mess anything up. Cheers!


Later in the course, you will do an assignment that follows part of a Ruby on rails tutorial that recommends using an even newer version of rails(6.0.0) which replaces Ruby Sass with Sassc. However, if you update to this (like I did) you might have some issues if you are using Xubuntu. Xubuntu runs on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS which I think is missing some of the needed dependencies. I have had to install extra packages for most of my machines (webpacker is a big one) and for my VM setup I had to compile libsass from scratch before I could get Sass. But I learned a lot about how Ruby gems works (and reading and editing the Gemfile) and a deeper understanding of Linux in general.