Configuring gemfile in vscode


I am unable to find gemfile in order to alter the configuration in Step 4.5.1 when i open the VS Code. Has anyone been able to resolve this? Please help!


What OS are you using @Ehbee?


Windows …so the using ubuntu with the windows subsystem for linux


Have you tried a computer restart to ensure your path is updated?


Just had a quick look at some other possibilities. One other possible reason is that the folder you created for your projects has been placed in the linux directories rather than on the c mount which should actually be windows files.

Where did you create the Projects directory you are using?


I created them on Linux so don’t know how to find them from c drive. Basically have no idea on how to navigate to where I stored it.


What do you suggest? Do I have to go back and recreate the files on my c drive to continue?


The project folder must reside outside of the linux files otherwise windows programs such as VSCode can’t do anything with them. That is why you need to create a symbolic link in the prerequisites section of the installation guide so your Projects folder is actually found in your user folder on windows.

If you go here and click the drop down box for wsl, make sure you do the section about creating a symbolic link and then create the rails app in that project folder you should be ok to run code . in that folder and have vs code open in the right place.


Thanks so much for your help.


@Ehbee I’m having this same issue. Did creating the symbolic link work for you?


Yes creating a symbolic link did work for me. I just issued the command and it was created. Just make sure you have the project folder created on the windows side of things you are issuing the symbolic link command on the Linux side.