Completely New to Coding


Hey there! I have just started leaning how to code and I am currently taking the “free” route into learning. I am looking for a fellow newbie to learn together and bounce ideas and such off of each other to better grasp everything. Also, someone that can help me stay on track, ha!


Hey! i just started about 10 minutes ago. We can definitely bounce ideas off each other when the time comes


Hey I just started as well! lets stay in touch and see how we progress. :smile:


Me too! Very new to coding, hoping to learn, be challenged and have fun


I’m also new. We should have some accountability on each other. Good luck with the curriculum.


Hey, I’m in a similar boat. If you ever need anyone to bounce ideas off of feel free to shoot me a message.


Hello! To you and everyone else in this thread. I just started as well feel free to talk with me about things as well.


Hello There, I’m Kevin, hope to lear a lot here, Im open to help or also conversations. Have a good one


Also in a similar boat! I know last reply was 15 days ago but I’m here if ya want another friend :slight_smile: