Completed the HTML/CSS Project, woo hoo!


Completed the “EASY” Google Home Page Project. I had a lot of fun, please go my GitHub page and check it out. I’d love any feedback that anyone wants to give.


Just off the bat, it’s spelled “Odin” :}

And although I have nothing to say about the code itself which (as a beginner) I’d say is perfectly legible and fine, the README reads a bit like a personal diary.

If I would change something, it would be emphasizing the skills you used to complete the project. I would not include the time it took me to complete because everyone is different.
I would say perhaps something like, “I used CSS Grid to align both parts of the navbar”
and “I used Flexbox to space the footer elements evenly”
Something more like that, as opposed to saying what you “found hard” :}