Complete wall at Rock Paper Scissors


Hi all. I’ve been working through TOP and got to the Rock, Paper, Scissors project. It has sucked all hope out of me. I looked for my problem in other threads, but at least everyone else seems to have some sort of semi-operable code happening. I don’t even know where to start, other than what the lesson says to type in - but I have no idea what to do with that. I typed it in and then just stared at it like, “WTHeck am I supposed to do now?” I’ve been studying and practicing JS through TOP and a few other sites, doing exercises and watching videos, and was feeling pretty good about understanding the concepts finally.
Then Rock Paper Scissors happened, and it’s like there’s nothing in my brain to even know what to do. I looked at the student submissions and it’s all completely foreign-looking to me. Where did you all pick this up? Where was any of this covered? What are the main JS concepts involved in this? I tried going back to see where someone might have picked it up, but came up empty.



Don’t be discouraged. Instead, ask some questions here or in our Discord and try to get help. What have you done so far? Post the errors you are getting and where you’re stuck.


Definitely get on discord as soon as possible, people over there are more active than in this forum. I just finished the project a few minutes ago, and I learned a lot of from doing it because I applied everything that I read from TOP’s articles or third-party websites. It took me a total of 7-8 hrs by spending 2 hrs each day. In my project, I only focused on the core mechanics of JavaScript, like variables, variable scopes, boolean logic, conditional statements, how to create a function, how to call a function, and ect… Basically, no html or css because they don’t require us to use them on this project…yet!

One important thing when you do this project is to avoid the temptation of looking up other people’s codes because it ruins your creative thinking. Instead of that, ask questions on discord is a better method for you to learn from others, they’ll help you, just like @pico said.

Onto the final note, I understand your feelings because that’s how I felt too! Coding is hard, so we can’t learn coding by reading and watching other people’s code. Ultimately, this is the reason why TOP throws this project at us, so we can use our knowledge and apply it into the project.


Sorry for the late reply, got hung up on my three other jobs I have going, just getting back to TOP now… thank you both for the heads up on Discord. I will do that! You get a false sense of accomplishment I guess when you get used to watching videos and have people hold your hand while writing code and creating fake webpages - a whole different animal when someone tells you to do something from scratch! It is discouraging, I think a big part of my frustration when I posted this was that I was dog tired and had no mental energy to put any sort of thought into anything. Sort of feel like that right now, so I think I’ll give it a fresh look tomorrow.
Thanks to both of you again for your encouragement and advice!


Think you found your problem right there: being tired with no mental energy and having three other jobs! Make sure you practice good self care and give yourself plenty of rest. I’m very new here, but quickly learning that feeling exhausted and stressed won’t help much with learning this material. Good luck James!