Complete newbie looking for study partner

Hello, I am new and ready to learn
I’m very social looking for someone to go through the program together/study together and pair program.


Sounds like you’d be interested in our official discord server. You can read about it here: Official Discord for The Odin Project

hey! I’m also new here! We could friend eachother on discord and talk there if you want?! My tag is: FunnyPrincess397#8512

Hey! I have quite a bit of general coding experience and a few classes in web dev but I haven’t done it in over a year so I intend to start over from web 101 now. I would totally be down for a study buddy or a little group of fellow newbies to chat with about all the relevant stuff :slight_smile:
My discord is Thomas_#1725 hit me up!


Hello guys, I just started coding 2 weeks back, I’m currently busy trying to understand HTML and CSS, I am ready and willing to join you guys in a study group. I am very social and ready to study hard.
my discord is : ixboy#2122

Hello everyone! I am new to this group, and I need study buddies! Let’s work together! I am on discord at Mathias Mindblade#5869

hi everyone, i’m Deborah, i joined yesterday and would love to pair up with newbies like me and also professional so we can learn and grow together. ill also love to be added to the study group. my discord is speak2debby#4070

im interested xD my discord is crackhead#1599 uwu