Command = rails new my_first_rails_app not working - MacOS Catalina


Im using MacOS Catalina, terminal -zsh

I’ve confirmed I have installed Ruby 2.6.4p104… and Rails 6.0.1

When it comes to step 1.3 of the First Project - Create the Application, my result is nothing resembling the example, when I try the command = rails new my_first_rails_app
the terminal progresses through lots of data but the end result is
…(deleted for brevity)
├─ websocket-extensions@0.1.3
├─ ws@6.2.1
├─ yargs-parser@11.1.1
└─ yargs@12.0.5
:sparkles: Done in 26.50s.
Webpacker successfully installed :tada: :cake:

When I try the next step: cd ‘to my new directory’ it states no directory exists.
Please help so I can move forward with the program.


@Asmithgal You definitely want the recommended version of Rails, which is 5.2.3


$ gem uninstall rails -v 6.0.1

Then, restart at Step 1.1: Install Rails and Bundler

gem install rails -v 5.2.3



Thank you, uninstalled and restarted at Step 1.1. now a conflict message:
…(deleted for brevity)
conflict .gitignore
Overwrite /Users/nathan/ruby_uno/my_first_rails_app/.gitignore? (enter “h” for help) [Ynaqdhm]

If I hit enter the terminal continues until another conflict message pops up. Otherwise if I hit H for help these are the options:

    Y - yes, overwrite
    n - no, do not overwrite
    a - all, overwrite this and all others
    q - quit, abort
    d - diff, show the differences between the old and the new
    h - help, show this help
    m - merge, run merge tool

Any ideas how to resolve these conflicts?



Y - yes, overwrite



Thanks again, hope to be in your shoes and able to help others one day. Moving forward!