Command Line from Windows


Hello Everyone.
I have started with the command line basics. However, I see it is more for Linux/Mac, and not for windows.
Should I be thinking of taking the course from a Linux or Max machine ? Is is equally effective on Windows ?
I see that a post shared a link for windows commands. It would be great if more experienced users could validate this.


Hi @cnbhomia

Windows does not work well with Rails which we use for our backend course so we can’t officially support it because we would get so many requests for help that it would take up all our time and we wouldn’t be able to take the time to work on the course itself.


Would you recommend I install Linux and start from there ?


Hello @cnbhomia

If you want to practice linux command line on windows;
you can try with cygwin.
It provides tools which provide functionality similar to a linux distributions.



Since Rails does not work well with windows, what do you recommend I do ?
I’m a bit confused for the next steps.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


@henry Thanks a lot ! I hope this makes development on windows a tad bit easier.


Hi @cnbhomia

All of the options we recommend are highlighted in the course.


Hello @cnbhomia
Can you help me understand what specific issues you are having at the moment while using rails on windows.


Hello @henry

At the moment, none. I’m still finishing up command line instructions in windows.

My questions are more precautionary, as on my question for cmd line lesson on window, I got some advise that rail does not work well on windows. Hence I got sceptical if this is the right place.
But after doing some research on the exact problems on rails, it seems its more about speed and efficiency, and does not limit any capabilities of rails. please correct me if I’m wrong.

Hence, I have decided to go forward with windows. I have to start somewhere.