Command line basics - feedback

instructions note to use “”
should just be “ls”

instructions have an assignment to make a directory, but mkdir command was not covered in the lesson

instructions have an assignment to delete the test directory but rm -r command was not covered in the lesson

with my terminal, auto complete would not work when using the tab key, had to google it in order to find a fix and un comment the /etc/bash.bashrc file to enable autocompletion

this is just my experience so far and really just started today

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What curriculum are you running? And what kind of OS? The was likely a typo. Maybe someone can fork it and repair.

I am using the virtual os with xubuntu within win10

I’m by no means experienced with that setup, but that’s probably where the different nuances come in. Take the time to learn them now and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Edit: I guess what I’m trying to say is hang in there, the small frustrations never go away. You solve them, then there’s a new one. It’s worth it.

Yes what I’m pointing out is, even with different setups, certain topics are not addressed