Coding Twitch Channel


Hi Odin Project!

I’ve been following Odin project curriculum for some time now. So far it’s been the best free coding course I’ve used. I really like how it encourages you to find your own solutions rather than just type along with the lessons.

I recently had the idea of starting a coding Twitch stream where people could watch me code and debug live. Kind of like “rubber-duck debugging” but with an audience. But I wanted to see if anyone else thought this was a good idea, or knows of someone who has done anything similar. What kinds of things would you want to see live coded?

Anyway, just a random idea. We’ll see if it goes anywhere.


Hi @ZachMartinez

It’s a great idea but I’m not sure how much traction it would get. Only one way to find out.

We’ve considered something similar here at Odin where we do a live stream working through a problem, implementing some algorithms, or tests or something useful.

It could definitely help beginners. Why not give it a try and see?


I’ve heard of some guy doing Rails on twitch every monday or something, but I couldn’t find him. The idea is definitely interesting, but the question is what’s your end goal? I wouldn’t expect significant earnings and a big audience but I can imagine it would be interesting to some people (me included).

If you go through with the idea, I would suggest you to record the streams and put them on Youtube, it’s a good way to advertise for free. You could also find other people who would be interested and know different programming languages and technologies and share the channel with them. For example you could do monday/friday on Rails/JS (just an example, I don’t really know what you plan on streaming) and have someone do Node.js or ASP.NET (again, just random examples) on Wednesdays or Saturdays. That way you could increase the popularity of your channel. You could also have ‘guest coders’, semi-famous people in the coding world that would like to share some knowledge and good practice with us.

All in all I think it’s a great idea, but like any channel you have to be prepared to put in some time without results, you can expect streaming for a very small audience for quite some time (weeks/months) before you accomplish anything.

And probably the most important thing is, do you have knowledge worth sharing and would the average viewer gain something from watching your streams?


Those are some good ideas, I like the Youtube one. It seems like at first there would have to be some recordings if I wanted anyone to find out about the channel. Having guest coders would also be super cool.


@ZachMartinez I think that would be a great idea! When I first started looking around for coding resources twitch was one of the first places I actually thought to look. I couldn’t find many channels dedicated to just coding let alone a channel that was active. The appeal for me was that I could ask a question while someone was coding and possibly get a reply immediately. Good luck and and be sure to link your twitch if you decide to get up and running.


Great Idea, If you get set up make sure to leave your channel link here so we can all find you!


I can dig it… I probably wouldn’t really watch it, but I like the idea anyway.