CodeWars JavaScript::before && WebDev101::after (pun intended)

If there is anyone who spent at least some time doing CodeWars tasks, would you say it will be beneficial for me to continue doing them for let’s say a week or two before starting the real JavaScript course?

I have spent last 12 hours solving problems and algorithms for JS there, and I am definitely grasping the sort, reduce, map, filter and other string and array functions as well as used few object algorithms.

If it helps, you might wonder, well why do you ask? I ask because I don’t wanna waste time, but it is recommended to practice such stuff alongside Odin. I prefer being on one source/course and not spread out everywhere, because I will slow down and lose the momentum way too much.

So I would rather spend some time doing stuff on CodeWars or just proceed with Odin.

PS. This thread might be completely redundant, if so, I am sorry for wasting your time.

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So this is just my opinion:

I’d actually wait before jumping into these until finishing the Organizing your JavaScript Code section of the JS course.

I started doing a ton of codewars problems before finishing Web Dev 101 and didn’t get around to learning the concepts that were found after that part. So that meant I was solving a lot of problems without using data structures like objects, for example. And if I sensed that a problem required them, I either avoided the problem or I solved it using arrays since that’s all I knew.

One issue that I have with codewars is that people often upvote the shortest code. A trap I fell into was thinking that my code was bad because it wasn’t one line.

I don’t think you are wasting your time by doing them early, but I think if you wait and get exposed to other tools and ideas you’ll be better equipped to work through those problems.


Hi, i don’t have an answer but i can tell you what i do and why.

I use CodeWars or HackerRank if i dont get a good understaindig of a tool presented in the odin curriculum.
Also, as practice i go back to previous projects to see if i can implement the new tools learned in the old code.

If the skills learned are enough to make the projects i go straigth to the project.

The best use i do from these pages is solving a problem and then watch other people solutions. I try to understand others code and if its similar to mine steal the parts i like.

I choose this way because the best part of the odin project (in my opinion) are the projects. Is the moment i can learn more. So for me the mission is to grab the skills needed to face the next project.

Hope this helps you.