Code Challenge - Gather sites and joyful taks


Ahoy peers,

Currently I created this topic to gather useful coding challenges.
The purpose is not just the joy what it gives but also to gain aknowledge in cetain topics.

Here in this topic feel free to write a comment with a short list of interesting websites which are written in a particular language.

Especially here I gathered some CSS websites.

IF anyone has a technical comment - like how we can solve this appealing desigin - again feel free to share.

Please if you have any good idea how to gain or dive deeper in CSS to achieve an outstanding leve, share with us.


Okay guys. Honestly I have no idea where to start with CSS but I see that it has far more opportunity than just edit a simple text or button.
Could you please help me even for real website to give insight this stunning framework to work with ?

I gathered these:

Please share your idea / simple link a website which we can later work with.:beers:


I chose these:

Here if you click on ‘Add’ button then you simple close it the Cross will start spining. How does it do that? :smile:

I like the button style. Also if anyone has an example where it has different pictures in Grid and when we hover the mouse it may zoom in and become colorful, please share.


I like in CSS that it is very smooth and elegant.