Career Change. 28 years old. Lets Go!


Hi Guys,

I am excited to be here. I hope to be a success story and help others considering this path in the future.

A little background on me. I have always had an interest in computers and such from a gaming background as a kid. My first taste of something noteworthy was being an admin and hosting a private MMO game server. I was 12 and mostly used a hex editor and followed tutorials. With the help of a couple of other admins we did create a decent server and had 100 players on at one point.

Fast forward through high school and college where I just played sports and smoked myself retarded etc. After college I got into sales and did good. I even made 100k but I hated my job. I want to develop an actual skill that creates something and not have to constantly barrage people for business or sell someone else’s product.

During college I took a c# class, networking, and a database class. My major was management and I did plan on doing CIS but I got lazy and limped through college. For the record I have forgotten everything I learned. Unless your a genius, I don’t believe you can retain stuff that you briefly used years ago. Thus I am basically starting from scratch but with a good computer aptitude. I am much more focused and dedicated now that I have been in the real world and have a 5 year old son.

I want to become well versed in web development, software development and database. I think they all go together to some extent and learning the basics about all of them will give me better fundamentals. From my research I am leaning towards Database and SQL as a primary goal to get a job. The jobs seem plentiful and not over complicated.

I plan to get a part time job and focus on acquiring the skills to land a junior developer position. I am going to accomplish this by picking up knowledge in all ways possible. This includes information on the online community and sites like The Odin Project which are amazing. I would also like to consider picking up a college course here and there, especially if I can get tuition reimbursement. Lastly, my college experience has taught me that we usually just get guidance from a teacher while working through a good textbook that has plenty of exercises, terminology, projects etc. So I might pick up and work myself through some textbooks similar to what I did in college.

I am very excited to begin this change at 28 years old. It won’t be easy but I think the rewards for me and my family will be well worth it. If there is anyone else that is in a similar situation or starting on this journey I would love to work together. Furthermore, if anyone would like to help be a mentor in anyway I would greatly appreciate it and hope that one day I can pay it back/forward. I appreciate any feedback and guidance you guys can give.

A good first question is what languages you recommend focusing on. I am under the impression I would benefit from the following: Java, Python, Ruby, C#, SQL, HTML, CSS



Hey RoeVolt

I am in the same boat as you career change at 26. I hated the field I was in. As for languages to be learned I look up jobs in my area and go by what the majority are looking for. Mainly html css javascript for front end and php and python for the backend. If you get stuck feel free to hmu and brainstorm.



Hi RoeVot & Walter,

Me too! I am doing a career change as well and at 26. I coming from a business major and figuring out if this is something I want to pursue.


Congrats on deciding to change careers! I wish you luck.

Javascript is definitely worth focusing on since it’s the only language supported by web browsers. You won’t be able to do any cool interactivity on the front-end without it. One cool thing to consider is that, with Node.js, you can also run Javascript on the back-end. If you wanted a really lean list of languages and concepts to learn, you could get really far with just HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Those three are the baseline, but, going outside of that, it depends a lot on your client/employer. More conservative organizations are going to want Python and C#. More progressive organizations are going to be Javascript all the way down or maybe Elixir, Go, or something like that.

Hope this helps, and I wish you luck!


Welcome @RoeVolt! Happy to have you here. I’m also 29 and am transitioning from a career in teaching. In terms of language, I’ve just been strictly following The Odin Project and it’s been great. I recently wrapped up Wed Dev 101 and learned quite a bit throughout that course.

Cheers and good luck, don’t be a stranger!


hope you achieve your dreams !!! go go go