Can't seem to update git to newest version on macOS

Hi everyone, I already completed the lesson on Setting Up Git and also ran the command
brew install git
I checked my version of git by running
git --version
and it’s showing:
git version 2.24.3 (Apple Git-128)
Git’s site is showing that the latest version is 2.27.0, any idea why I’m not running the latest version?

My OS is macOS Catalina.

Thanks a ton!

Hey, welcome to The Odin Project!

I wouldn’t worry about Git being out of date on your Mac.It will already have all the features you need in the version you do have installed.

It’s probably managed by MacOS as part of the regular update cycle. Likely the version that’s installed is one that Apple have tested and are happy is stable enough to ship with MacOS.

If you are adamant on updating, there are a few options on the official Git website.

Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile: Super helpful and good to know that my current Git will work for this program.