Can't open my in my text editor


Hi there, I’m pretty new to all this and am running into some trouble pretty early on. I’m on the Git basics section of the course and am unable to open a file in my text editor.

Here is the prompt: Open in your text editor of choice and add the text “This is (YourUsername)’s first git project!” and then save the file.

When I go to open the file in my Visual Studio Code the two files I created ( and hello_world.txt) files are not clickable, meaning they are greyed out. I’m assuming this may have something to do with the file size being zero bytes, but I’m not totally sure.


maybe you can use vi editor to open it.
run commnad

vi hello_world.txt


Thanks for the tip! I was able to figure it out though. It seemed I had to move back a couple of directories and start it from there. Appreciate the help.