Can I use Codeanywhere instead of Cloud9

Can I use Codeanywhere instead of Cloud9

Can I use Codeanywhere instead of Cloud9

What are the alternative for could9 and if possibly free online IDE which has bash, HTML,CSS and Ruby and Ruby on rails ?


Yes, Cloud9 was the standard prior to AWS purchase.

Codeanywhere is a decent alternative but it isn’t quite as intuitive as cloud9 used to be. It has come a long way though.


I guess I will have to use Virtual Machine to setup a linux OS


Well, I tried AWS cloud9 and it is complicated! I spent like two days trying to find my way and I still find it frustrating and confusing.
The only reason that I am looking for alternatives such as cloud9 is that I don’t want to install things on my laptop and may mess up my OS.
I am following this program only to enhance my Javascript skills and nothing else. I work with Google Tag Manager and my javascript skills are somewhat limited. I thought that following course path by starting the web development 101 cours would make things easier for me. It is not :frowning:

Please recommend codeanywhere as another online IDE alternative on this page

It will save many people the frustration of dealing with AWS Cloud9


If you are only wanting to learn Javascript you don’t need to change your OS. Just use whatever you have.