Brand new to programming and looking for mentorship


Hi everyone! I currently work as a communications director for a higher ed institution in Chicago and I’m looking to make a career change as a full stack developer. TOP has been an invaluable learning tool so far (I’m working through the articles in the Fundamentals Part 3 section currently) but I think what I’m really missing is someone to work through problems and concepts that I’m having difficulty grasping on my own.

I’ve picked up basic HTML and CSS through working on various website and email newsletter projects for my full-time job, but am really starting to stumble with this introduction to JavaScript. Any help would be very much appreciated!


Hi there tkaspo,

I am just getting into the JavaScript fundamentals too. I am changing careers from a Project Manager and taking the summer to increase my skills in web development so I can flexibly make some extra money while I’m going back to school full time.

I’m a little behind you, it sounds, but I have a good amount of programming experience in Java at this point from my studies, so I’m hoping that helps with the object-oriented part of JS. I have probably more time to get through all of this, but it might be beneficial to have to explain some pain points or help out, etc. Just a thought - let me know if you want to pair up!

  • Brian