Best Online Resources for Continued Learning?



This may seem redundant because we are all here to learn coding, and I think Odin is great. However even Odin says in the course that this is meant to make you employable, but not an expert. Odin is fantastic for getting a strong foundation.

After you have completed everything here where would one go for continued education? What online resources are the best for learning beyond the basics?


Odin also says to not get side tracked, you need to focus 100% on completing the curriculum. After completing the projects, you’ll have a good idea on what knowledge gaps to fill.


Answers like this really don’t help anyone. Please stick to the question and provide useful answers.


Check out

It will give you computer science education without the fillers.

Also what CX1 meant was that once you finish TOP, you might want to know other frameworks or languages not covered in TOP. For instance, if you want stronger javascript skills FreeCodeCamp has some resources on that. You can also find great FREE tutorials on youtube.

Some channels I subscribe to are Web Dev, sentdex, and Joshua Fluke. There are a lot of other great channels, so search for whatever is the most relevant to you.

However, after TOP you should find a job. Once at your new job, you can search for and teach yourself what you need to know. Or you could try and build your own SAAS app (think slack or evernote) to generate a passive income (what I am in the process of learning).

If you are interested in making your own SAAS app, check out IndieHackers. Its a group of people who make their own webapps on the side and try to make it their full time job. Some of them make lots of money (15 million MMR).

Check out this youtube video if you’re interested in making a SAAS app.

The developer Will Kwan teaches you how to make a basic SAAS app in 2 hours (1 if you watch on 2X).

Hope I was more helpful,


There are plenty of free courses on I was doing a course on full stack before I found this site. Also there is Harvard CS50’s Computer Science, FreeCodeCamp, and Khan Academy has just about every subject you can imagine including JavaScript and a course they teamed up with Disney’s Pixar. Pretty neat stuff.


Your advice is a good way to get burned out and quit. People need distractions from time to time and it did talk about breaks. If your going to quote the curriculum than at least stop leaving stuff out.