Beginning to learn code. In my 30's


Hi. I am from Canada. In my 30’s, beginning to learn code. Have a full time job in different industry. Would be learning to code on weekends. I am into it thinking it would be long journey to teach myself enough to get employable in web development. I am just going to patient, persistent. Thanks to THE ODIN PROJECT for such a beautiful platform.


You’re not alone! I’m just 30, trying to retrain after an extended period of uncertainty. We both got this!


Same here! I’ve been thinking about career switch and a restart for a while. Coding has been in my mind for more than a month now.
Hope this works.
We have to make this work!


Also 30, also looking to career switch and looking forward to diving in to the TOP lessons. Good luck dude.


Good luck everyone.


Another member of the 30(ish) crew checking in - Hope you all enjoy the course!


Great to see that there are other 30 year old’s like myself starting this journey!


We’re all in this together! Good luck on your journey :slight_smile:


36 here! It’s never too late to start! Good luck to all us late bloomers!


I’m 37 and I think it sounds like 40! Welcome.


The same here.


Glad to see I’m not alone - is it too early to have a midlife crisis?! I’ve never been interested in tech before, in fact my husband works as an IT and I had been more than happy to let him handle anything computer related. Now, I’m taking charge and excited to learn coding :smile: Good Luck!!!


This sounds great! I wish you the best of luck. I would encourage you, however, to consider putting more time than just on the weekends, if possible. Working through the Web Development 101 course myself, I find, given that I truly focus on taking the time to fully understand each concept, read everything in full, and take comprehensive notes, that this is taking much longer than I expected. I’m pretty tech savvy, so it isn’t that the concepts are touch to understand, there’s just a lot of them to take in. I feel that if I was relegated to weekends only, I would really struggle to retain the information and make any headway.


Hi everyone! I’m from Brazil and, as like you, I’m 33. Just the beginning!


also 31 and half, I’ve been thinking about programming long time ago, it seems difficult to me but I will try to make it a habit and learn it.


There are a lot of us old folk on here. Welcome, good luck, and be sure to ask questions along the way. Of everyone and everything.