Beginning Ruby resource has missing pages


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I’m about a fifth of the way through the second section on Ruby and I’ve noticed the link to the Beginning Ruby(by Peter Cooper) reading material has pages that are omitted. Also on subsequent links to this resource, we are taken directly to the amazon listing for the book. It hasn’t caused issues so far and I’ve been able to make it through the material not feeling like I’ve missed anything. However, I’ve looked ahead and seen that this resource will be used a lot during this section, so maybe that will change(or maybe you guys were aware of the missing pages and still felt there was enough information included despite pages being omitted).

I looked around online and found a link to the book that is more complete:


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Yeah, we are looking to (eventually) phase out the Peter Cooper book entirely. Most of the information that you’ll be focusing on is basic and can be found online through other resources.

I did end up buying the book for myself (my first purchased coding book), but it’s not a necessity to moving forward in the curriculum.


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It’s good to hear that we’re not missing out on anything vital. I figured as much, seeing as how in a lot of lessons we’ll learn something through a turorial, go over it again in a video and then read about it. This really helps drive home what’s important, and makes it easier to retain the material. Also seeing concepts covered by different perspectives can make picking something up easier if you don’t get it the first time.

Plus it has the fortunate side effect that when something ends up missing, there’s probably another resource before or after it that covers the same topic.


Just what I was looking for, thanks @Jeun