Beginner looking for pair, check out my other post too


Here is the link to my other post:

It sounds like having a partner to work through the program is a good idea, and I thought maybe said partner could use the spreadsheet in that other post too, so we would be working at the same pace. I am an 18 year old dude from Florida, USA, and my sleep schedule is freakin’ whacked so I might be awake at 4am and asleep at 12pm one day and be awake at 2pm and asleep at 8pm another day. Anyone wanna team up?


Hello, I am a 19 year old dude from Northwestern Canada! My schedule is also very out of whack as well so the time zone difference is not a huge deal for me. I’m just starting out and also looking for someone to learn with!


Hey sorry so I decided to spend some time on a different resource for a while before I do the Odin Project.


which one?


Hello! I am a beginner looking por pair!


Hello! I’m Shafrazi from Sri Lanka, I’m currently at the final project of web dev 101 and finding a pair partner, let me know if you are still interested in pairing. Cheers!


Hey, wanna team up?


Hey! I’m in! let me know how I can reach you.:smiley:


Hi guys how r u all doin. I hope everyone is doin ok. So I just joined to odin project and wanna get to till the end so basically do not wanna give up halway through when faced with challenges. So for this I am looking for a pair to work with which I am sure is very helpful for getting better and holding accountable each other. So in short contact me through we will talk about our time preference to work with